Board Meeting Materials – 2018, December 10

Board Meeting Materials – December 10, 2018

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Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
WILD Governing Board Meeting
MONDAY, December 10, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.
at the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327

• Changes to Agenda
• Minutes from the October 2018 meeting-vote
• Financial Report-vote
• Administrator Report
• Renewal of Administrative Office Lease-Vote
• Renewal of Administrator Contract – Vote
Other Business
• Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Director Reports
Next Meeting will be Monday, February 11, 2019 at WCPL at 1:30 p.m.
• Agenda 12-10-2018
• Financial Report – Nov 2018
• Minutes- Oct 2018
• Administrator Report – Oct/Nov 2018
• Administrator Activities FY 17-18
• Administrator Contract 2019
• Combined Annual Statistics FY 17-18
• Central Administrator Position Description

Minutes 10/8/2018

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
Governing Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 8, 2018, 1:30 p.m.
Conference Room of the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Hwy, Crawfordville FL 32327

Board Members present: Nancy Wideman, Marilyn Lewis, Ellen Ashdown, Chuck Hess, Dick Bailar, Sharon Rider. Others Present: Pat Gilleland, Natalie Binder, Robyn Drummond.

Old Business:

Nancy called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. She asked if there were any additions or corrections to the agenda, and there were none. Marilyn moved to accept the minutes of the August meeting, Dick seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved. Nancy asked Pat for any comments on the Financial Report. Pat said that WILD could possibly end up with as much as $170,000 in total rollover funds this year. Dick asked for someone to refresh his memory as to where the rollover funds came from and what they were for. Pat reiterated that most of the rollover funds came from WILD’s first few years of operation. In 2010 the Board mandated that rollover funds be put into the unemployment reserve category in case WILD was forced to shut down during the recession. Marilyn moved to accept the financial report, Ellen seconded the motion, and financial report was approved.

Nancy asked Pat for comments on the Administrative Report. Pat called attention to how hard the Library Directors were all working this time of year in order to meet deadlines for submitting applications for State funding. She also noted that WILD has received a nomination from the Wakulla Chamber of Commerce for Nonprofit of the Year. Dick commented on the wonderful growth shown by the year-end statistics compared to last year’s numbers. He said the progress made by all the libraries has been incredible, and recommended that all the Directors use the opportunity to publicize this growth in their local media sources. Nancy, Marilyn, and Chuck concurred.

New Business:

Nancy reminded the Board members that the State has tasked them with approving the Combined Budget for the Cooperative. She then asked Chuck to report on the Budget Committee’s meeting the previous week. Chuck said they had discussed the size of the rollover amount, and reminded the Board that rollover funds can only be spent on one-time expenses rather than on recurring expenses. Chuck recommended the Board approved spending a good bit of it down this year, and Dick concurred. Dick said that the TDC has run into issues in the past with funders when they ran a large surplus. Dick asked if the Directors had wish lists, and Marilyn asked if the Long Range Plan addressed some of their wish lists. Natalie replied that the Long Range Plan did address some equipment needs such as purchasing new computers. Dick inquired how much new computers cost. Pat suggested that the Board might want to go ahead and approve the upcoming year’s budget and then ask the Directors to come up with a priorities list. Dick moved to approve the FY 18=19 Combined Budget, Sharon seconded the motion, and the budget was approved.

Nancy asked if there were any comments or questions regarding the Annual Plan of Service before it was brought up for a vote. Dick said the Annual Plan shows that WILD has goals and that we keep on working toward those goals. Ellen asked about the reference toward making the Jefferson and Franklin facilities ADA-compliant. Natalie said that there are several issues with compliance with the Jefferson building that are relatively minor but which still need to be addressed, such as changing the door handles to the type of handles that lift up. Sharon mentioned that a handicapped access push button system was in the process of being installed in Carrabelle. Marilyn asked if any of the libraries had had a formal ADA assessment. Sharon replied that Carrabelle had one at some point in the past when the hand dryer was declared to be too high up on the wall to be compliant. Nancy remarked that as the general population ages, the issue of ADA compliance will become increasingly important. Dick asked Natalie about the use of the JCPL facility by persons with impaired mobility. A general discussion followed about making government buildings compliant. Dick moved to approve the Annual Plan of Service, Marilyn seconded, and the motion was approved.

Pat then gave background information for the proposed employee health insurance policy revision. When the last remaining employee who insured dependents left for another job in 2010, the Board modified the existing insurance policy to state that from that point forward WILD would pay the employer cost for the employee only, and would no longer pay the employer cost for dependents. This change was enacted both because of concern over rising health care costs and because of the protracted length of the recession, and was a common change for many small businesses. This policy has not been revised since then, and continues to impact WILD employees. Pat suggested that since the recession is over, the Board might want to re-examine the policy and consider gradually working toward covering the employer cost for dependents. Although no WILD employees currently need dependent coverage, if someone did want to add a dependent the cost under the current setup would be prohibitive. Sharon added that since staff members change and family needs change, she felt it would be a good thing to change the policy even if the Board only paid for a portion of employer cost for dependents. Marilyn asked what the impact would be to the budget, and if WILD would have to pay the extra amount even if no one used it.. Pat said WILD would need to put the funding in the budget, but wouldn’t necessarily have to pay it out to anyone, so it could then be transferred into another category at the end of the fiscal year. If the Board agreed to fund half the employer cost for full family dependent coverage, then the health insurance budget category would need to contain $25,344 per year (as opposed to the $16, 323 in it now) . If none of the employees exercised the option to use dependent insurance, then the extra funds allocated for health insurance could be spent on other things. Dick asked for clarification of his understanding that -if the Board changed the policy -WILD would be changing the amount budgeted for health insurance to approximately $25,000, and that the change would enable Pat’s husband and Jonathan’s wife to obtain insurance through WILD if they needed it. Everyone agreed that his understanding was correct. Sharon suggested that the option might be an incentive to recruit whoever takes Pat’s place when she retires. Pat said that their Accountant had recommended that changes should be made incrementally-change the policy first to say that WILD would pay for half the employer cost for dependents, and then when another person filled Pat’s position the Board could decide if they wanted to pay the full employer cost for dependents or add the amount to the new person’s salary as compensation. Sharon agreed. Nancy asked for suggested wording for the new policy. Pat quoted the present policy in the Employee Handbook, and recommended changing the wording to say “WILD pays the employer health insurance cost for the employee and half of the employer health insurance cost for dependents.” Dick asked how health insurance works in the libraries. Sharon said that they are all covered by their respective County policies. Robyn said she wasn’t sure of the exact costs but that they had very good insurance and that she was grateful for the coverage. Natalie said that in Jefferson any employee who works at least 30 hours per week is eligible for full family health insurance coverage at $7,000 apiece. She has been required to put the corresponding amount in the budget every year even if the employees don’t use it, because they could change their minds and accept it at any time. There are always employees who don’t utilize the health insurance coverage option, so JCPL always ends up with a surplus in health insurance funds. At the end of the fiscal year the surplus funds are then reallocated to some other category. Chuck reminded the Board that any new employee coming in would have different employment terms than the existing employees, and that they would need to keep that in mind when determining their compensation. Dick said he looked at it as a fairness issue. Marilyn said she thought changing the policy could be an incentive for employee retention as well, and that the Board has a responsibility to recruit and retain good people. Nancy moved to change the existing policy to say “WILD pays the employer cost for the employee and half of the employer cost for dependents beginning in FY 19-20 ”. Marilyn seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

The Board then addressed election of officers for the new fiscal year. As Vice-Chair Marilyn automatically becomes Chair, and Nancy announced she would take nominations from the floor for Vice-Chair. Sharon nominated Chuck, Dick seconded, and the motion passed. Ellen volunteered to serve as Recording Secretary.

Since Lisa was at an hurricane emergency meeting of Franklin County Government, Sharon reported that author Dawn McKenna will be in Carrabelle on October 18.

Natalie said that 110 children attended this year’s kickoff for the Literacy Alliance. They gave away books and signed children up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. The ABC 1-2-3 program will be held on the the 1st Monday night of each month during the coming school year. They have started a new ABC 1-2-3 literacy program for babies on Monday mornings. Terez Washington will be conducting a Halloween makerspace program in October. They are already planning a Polar Express night with cider and holiday stories. Natalie was able to replenish their adult and children’s nonfiction collections using some surplus funds. Over two-thirds of their collection circulated during the last fiscal year, which is considerably above the usual rate of one-half. Dick asked about the report of the number of visits during the year. Natalie said that report will be available at the next meeting.

Robyn said Talk Like a Pirate Day was a major success. The attendees learned pirate vocabulary, had pirate snacks, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. The Library had a Banned Book Scavenger Hunt. Rebecca and Robyn attended the Association of Rural and Small Libraries conference in Springfield, Illinois., and came home with lots of good ideas. Their mobile library is almost ready to launch. They are planning to create a Library of Things (gadgets) to give people access to items that they only need infrequently. Attendance at their STEAM programs has improved.

Everyone discussed preparation for the imminent hurricane, and wished each other good luck in the days ahead. Dick complimented the Board and said it had been a delightful Board to serve on. He will be handing in his resignation the first week of December to the County Commission because he and Friedel are moving to Tallahassee.

Nancy adjourned the meeting at 2:26 p.m.

Financial Report 11/30/2018

Year to Date
Year to Date
Year to Date
State Grant $0.00 $320,605.00 (320,605.00) 0%
Interest Income 0.00 0.00 0.00 100%
State Aid roll-over 125,617.00 125,617.00 0.00 100%
Total Revenues 125,617.00 446,222.00 (320,605.00) 28%
Salaries 25,381.00 144,200.00 (118,819.00) 18%
OPS (Salaries) 0.00 2,000.00 (2,000.00) 0%
FICA 1,990.72 11,031.00 (9,040.28) 18%
Retirement 3,081.72 23,000.00 (19,918.28) 13%
Health Insurance 2,710.32 19,200.00 (16,489.68) 14%
Workers Compensation 0.00 1,200.00 (1,200.00) 0%
Unemployement 0.00 109,979.00 (109,979.00) 0%
Professional Services 539.25 9,000.00 (8,460.75) 6%
Contractual Expenses 0.00 11,707.00 (11,707.00) 0%
Travel 636.82 13,000.00 (12,363.18) 5%
Communications 1,072.80 7,300.00 (6,227.20) 15%
Postage 9,010.00 10,000.00 (990.00) 90%
Rent 1,475.00 18,600.00 (17,125.00) 8%
Insurance 0.00 7,600.00 (7,600.00) 0%
Maintenance 386.48 4,000.00 (3,613.52) 10%
Other Expenses 0.00 3,300.00 (3,300.00) 0%
Office Supplies 30.75 1,000.00 (969.25) 3%
Operating Supplies 3,840.00 23,705.00 (19,865.00) 16%
Subscriptions / Memberships 3,351.65 5,500.00 (2,148.35) 61%
Equipment 0.00 5,500.00 (5,500.00) 0%
Books and Materials 1,437.19 15,000.00 (13,562.81) 10%
Total Expenses 54,943.70 445,822.00 (390,878.30) 12%
Net Income $70,673.30 $400.00 70,273.30


Administrator Report

October – November 2018

Meetings Attended:

  • WILD Directors Meeting
  • WILD Board Meeting
  • Panhandle Library Access Network Meeting
  • Panhandle Library Access Network Executive Board Meeting
  • Online Public Library Cooperatives Meeting

Other Events:

  • Online conference with Iboss Internet filtering software vendor
  • Wakulla Chamber Business Excellence Awards Banquet

Other Activities of Note:

  • Contacted Jefferson County Administrator regarding replacement appointment to WILD Board
  • Completed Public Depository Report to the Chief Financial Officer required by the State
  • Completed and submitted the required Combined Annual Statistical Report for the WILD Cooperative
  • Completed and submitted Dec. 1 required items in the State Aid to Public Libraries application
  • Coordinated County Library submission of Dec. 1 required items in their State Aid to Public Libraries applications
  • Coordinated communication with State Library regarding Hurricane Michael damage and recovery efforts in WILD libraries
  • Updated WILD employee handbook, distributed to employees

Fiscal Year Statistics 10/1/18 through 11/30/18:

Physical Items Circulated – 17,118 (up 1.4% % over Oct/Nov 2017)

Electronic Items Circulated- 1,758 (up 62.7 % over Oct/Nov 2017)

IT assistance requests – 53 (up 8.1% over Oct/Nov 2017)

Mango Languages – 29 sessions, 4 different languages (down 59% over Oct/Nov 2017)

Chilton Auto Repair Database – 63 sessions (down 21 % over Oct/Nov 2017


The next WILD Board Meeting will be on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 1:30 P.M. See you there!

Administrator Activities

Related to FY 17-18 Annual Plan Goals

The Annual Plan of Service and Budget is an outline of the entire Cooperative’s focus of activities during the year. The Plan supports the goals, objectives, and action plan from the Cooperative’s Long-Range Plan.  These activities relating to the Annual Plan are only a part of the activities performed by the Administrator during the year; other activities performed by the Administrator are reflected in the position job description.

Goal 1 – Facilities

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide safe, inviting, and appropriate facilities for library users.

  • Continued to coordinate rental of Administrative Office space, reported minor issues to landlord when appropriate.
  • Coordinated dealing with Internet and telephone vendors at Administrative Office and server locations; coordinated use of the small office at WCPL with WCPL Director.

Goal 2 – Collections

Libraries will provide exemplary collections that meet the needs of the public.

  • In consultation with member library directors, continued to coordinate the existing Overdrive e-book and e-audiobook collections.
  • Monitored patron requests and holds lists in Overdrive, selected and ordered materials for the e-collection, expanded the scope and holdings of the collection.
  • Coordinated discussions between member library directors to further facilitate resource sharing among member institutions.

 Goal 3 – Programs and Services

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide a selection of age-appropriate and interest-related programs for library patrons.

  • Coordinated with and supported all locations in promoting individual library events and programs, attending member events when possible.
  • Attended County Commission budget meetings in member counties.
  • Regularly attended Chamber of Commerce meetings in member counties.
  • Represented Wilderness Coast Public Libraries at the American Library Association and Florida Library Association conference, as well as at regional meetings and events sponsored by the State Library of Florida and the Panhandle Library Access Network.
  • Served as Public Library Representative to the Panhandle Library Access Network Board of Directors.
  • Served as a mentor in the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute run by the State Library.
  • Served as consultant to new Cooperative directors in Florida.
  • Coordinated Cooperative-wide meetings of children’s services staff.
  • Coordinated Directors meetings designed to enable joint planning and coordinated services.

Goal 4 – Staff Development

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to employ qualified staff members who are committed to providing high quality customer service.

  • Supervised and evaluated Cooperative staff.
  • Coordinated in-service training day for all staff of member libraries.
  • Coordinated staff attendance at workshops and training opportunities offered through the Panhandle Library Access Network and State Library.
  • Coordinated opportunities for staff at member libraries to attend the American Library Association and Association for Rural and Small Libraries conferences.

Goals 5 – Technology

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide access to networked resources, hardware, software, and technology training required to meet patron needs.

  • Coordinated the administration, updates, utilization of and technical support for the Koha Integrated Library system used by all patrons and staff.
  • Supervised Systems Administrator who maintained servers, computer workstations and other hardware, and implementation of new software for workstations.
  • Assisted the State Library Grants Coordinator with testing of the online Department of State Grant Application System.
  • In conjunction with the Systems Administrator, coordinated the implementation of the Spiceworks technical support tracking system and the use of the system by member libraries.

Goal 6 – Reporting

The Cooperative and its member libraries will provide reports to the Governing Board.

  • Completed grant application, expenditure reports statistical reports, and other requirements to obtain State Aid to Libraries funding; coordinated compilation of statistical information and application materials from member libraries.
  • Provided timely reports to the Wilderness Coast Governing Board.
  • Worked with accountant and auditors to comply with state financial regulations and to enable auditors to conduct the required financial audit.
  • Provided required audits, financial statements, and reports to the Auditor General’s Office, Department of Financial Services, Chief Financial Officer, Jefferson County, Wakulla County, and Franklin County officials.

Combined Statistics 2017-18

ANNUAL STATISTICS OF WILD AND 3 COUNTIES 2017-18 2017-18 12/10/2018
14 CENTRAL LIBRARY 0 0 0 0 0
16 # BOOKMOBILES 0 0 0 0 0
17 TOTAL OUTLETS 1 2 1 1 5
18 SQ FEET 1,065 10,000 11,000 13,500 35,565
19 SERVICE HOURS/WEEK 0 49 51 44 144
21 PUBLIC SERVICE HOURS/YEAR 0 4,888 2,624 2,187 9,699
23 RESIDENT BORROWERS 0 5,519 9,787 10,119 25,425
24 NON-RESIDENT BORROWERS 0 755 7 78 840
25 TOTAL BORROWERS 0 6,274 9,794 10,197 26,265
26 NON-RES BORROWER FEE  $           –  $                10  $                30  $                10  N/A
27 ANN SALARY DIRECTOR  $  61,492  $  35,000  $  48,000  $  48,000  N/A
28 MINIMUM SALARY BEGINNING LIBRARIAN  $  35,000  $  26,100  $  35,000  $  40,000  N/A
32 OTHER STAFF-FTE 1.15 4.2 4.75 5 15.1
33 TOTAL STAFF-FTE 2.15 5.2 6.75 6 20.1
36 VOLUNTEER HOURS/YEAR 5 2,750 N/C 2,168 4,923
37 LOCAL FUNDS-COUNTY  $  –  $  240,196  $  227,667  $  294,519  $  762,382
38 LOCAL FUNDS MUNICIPAL  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
39 TOTAL LOCAL FUNDS  $  –  $  240,196  $  227,667  $  294,519  $  762,382
40 STATE FUNDS  $  317,179  $  84,284  $  152,840  $  52,972  $  607,275
41 FEDERAL FUNDS-LSTA  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
42 FEDERAL OTHER  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
43 TOTAL FEDERAL FUNDS  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
44 OTHER INCOME FINE &FEES  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
45 OTHER-CASH & DONATIONS  $   –  $   1,400  $   –  $   –  $   1,400
46 OTHER OPERATING INCOME  $   264  $   14,189  $   225,000  $   –  $   239,453
47 SUBTOTAL OTHER OPERATING  $   264  $   15,589  $   225,000  $   –  $   240,853
48 TOTAL OPERATING INCOME  $ 317,443  $   340,069  $   605,507  $   347,491  $   1,610,510
49 COUNTY GENERAL FUND  $   –  $   240,196  $   227,667  $   294,519  $   762,382
50 SPECIAL TAX DISTRICT  $   –  $   –  $   –  $   –  $   –
51 MSTU  $   –  $   –  $   –  $   –  $   –
52 OTHER COUNTY  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
53 TOTAL COUNTY INCOME  $  –  $  240,196  $  227,667  $  294,519  $  762,382
54 LOCAL CAPITAL INCOME  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
55 STATE GOV CAP INCOME  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
56 FED CAP INCOME  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
57 OTHER CAP INCOME  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
58 TOTAL CAPITAL INCOME  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  –
59 SALARIES  $  126,213  $  128,237  $  168,000  $  174,908  $  597,358
60 BENEFITS  $  45,182  $  54,317  $  50,604  $  123,670  $  273,773
61 SUB TOTAL STAFF  $  171,395  $  182,554  $  218,604  $  298,578  $  871,131
62 PRINT MATERIALS  $  –  $  18,219  $  46,729  $  18,498  $  83,446
63 ELECTRONIC MATERIALS  $  14,637  $  3,664  $  3,000  $  5,595  $  26,896
64 OTHER MATERIALS  $  –  $  1,550  NC  $  1,920  $  3,470
65 TOTAL COLLECTION  $  14,637  $  23,433  $  49,729  $  26,013  $  113,812
66 ALL OTHER OPERATING EXPEND  $  91,091  $  91,269  $  337,174  $  53,960  $  573,494
67 TOTAL OPERATING EXPEND  $  277,123  $  297,256  $  555,778  $  378,551  $  1,508,708
68 CAPITAL OUTLAY  $  –  $  –  $  6,000  $  –  $  6,000
69 PRINT MATERIALS-VOLUMES 0 24,342 32,329 36,753 93,424
70 ELECTRONIC BOOKS 8,725 8,725 8,725 8,725 26,175
71 LOCAL DATABASES 4 4 4 4 4
72 STATE DATABASES 70 70 70 70 70
73 TOTAL DATABASES 74 74 74 74 74
74 AUDIO-VOLUMES 0 717 714 1,297 2,728
75 AUDIO-DOWNLOADABLE TITLES 1,480 1,480 1,480 1,480 4,440
76 VIDEO/DVD-VOLUMES 0 3,085 1,834 2,554 7,473
79 CIRC-ADULT MATERIALS 0 24,208 14,267 46,088 84,563
80 CIRC-CHILD MATERIALS 0 2,342 7,204 22,487 32,033
81 TOTAL CIRCULATION 0 28,839 22,475 74,202 125,516
82 PHYSICAL ITEM CIRCULATION 0 26,550 21,471 68,575 116,596
83 USE OF ELECTRONIC MATLS 0 2,289 1,004 5,627 8,920
85 TOTAL ELECTRONIC CONTENT USE 0 2,289 1,004 5,627 8,920
86 TOTAL COLLECTION USE 0 28,839 22,475 74,202 125,516
87 REFERENCE TRANSACTIONS 89 4,434 7,000 7,850 19,373
89 TOTAL REFERENCE TRANSACTIONS 191 4,434 7,000 8,087 19,712
90 LIBRARY VISITS 0 52,793 65,000 94,237 212,030
91 ADULT PROGRAMS 0 393 8 671 1,072
92 YOUNG ADULT PROGRAMS 0 10 0 36 46
93 CHILDRENS PROGRAMS 0 1,202 225 280 1,707
94 TOTAL PROGRAMS 0 1,605 233 987 2,825
95 ADULT PROGRAM ATTENDANCE 0 2,372 117 5,871 8,360
97 CHILDRENS ATTENDANCE 0 1,202 4,688 7,934 13,824
98 TOTAL PROGRAM ATTENDANCE 0 3599 4,805 14,091 22,495
99 ILL PROVD. TO OTHER LIBS 0 3554 1,144 2152 6,850
100 ILL RECVD. FROM OTHER LIBS 0 3613 1,107 2723 7,443
102 # TERMINALS STAFF 6 9 7 13 35
103 # TERMINALS USED BY PUBLIC 0 28 28 32 88
104 #WIRELESS SESSIONS PER YEAR 99,240 7,241 5,864 6,314 118,659
106 # USERS RECEIVE TECH INSTRUCT N/C N/C 5,500 3,500 9,000
108 #USERS INTERNET SAFETY PROGRAM 0 690 612 3,241 4,543
109 WEBSITE VISITS 99,240 17,378 25,910 38,799 181,327
110 #SESSIONS PUBLIC INTERNET COMPUTERS 0 7,373 8,130 8,036 23,539
107 # FRIENDS 0 N/C 28 91 119
108 AMT FUNDS RAISED  $  –  N/C  N/C  $  15,636  $  15,636
109 AMT EXPEND/DONATED  $  –  N/C  N/C  $  14,840  $  14,840
110 AMT EXPEND BY FOUNDATION  $  –  $  –  $  –  $  – N/A
Each Library enters data into a nationwide database.  This is a compilation of all entities in the
Wilderness Coast Public Libraries for the fiscal year 2017-18.


Central Administrator Job Description

Central Administrator revised 09/29/16

SUMMARY: Under the general direction of the Governing Board, the person in this position is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing the operations and activities of Wilderness Coast Public Libraries under the jurisdiction of the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries Governing Board.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Note: The listed duties are illustrative only and are not intended to describe each and every function, which may be performed in the job class. The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to the position.)

· Develop and maintain positive relationships with communities served by Wilderness Coast Public Libraries. Assume leadership in interpreting library services, resources, and programs to community leaders.

· Consult with state, county, and local officials and the cooperative Library Directors in order to achieve effective and coordinated library operations.

· Prepare documentation for the cooperative to qualify and receive state and federal assistance; assist cooperative directors with individual library applications for state and federal assistance.

· Prepare and implement the Long-Range Plan and Annual Plan of Service in cooperation with member libraries.

· Developing policies in cooperation with the representatives from member libraries and recommend policies for approval by the Governing Board.

· Prepare and administ the annual cooperative budget, maintaining financial records for the cooperative’s annual audit.

· Plan and supervise the implementation and maintenance of integrated library systems.

· Prepare, evaluate, analyze and maintain statistical and financial reports.

· Supervise library cooperative staff; plan, assign and schedule work, instruct and train staff; hire and discipline employees; conduct performance evaluations and recommend salary adjustments.

· Research, negotiate, and implement purchases of electronic resource for the cooperative.

· Recommend contracts for services to the Governing Board for approval.

· Participate in professional activities in order to maintain knowledge of current trends in technology and librarianship.

· Develop and implement new programs and services in consultation with member library directors.

· Submit accountability filings and reports to the Florida Local Government Financial Reporting System.

· Other duties and responsibilities as required.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.)

· Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.

· Ability to establish criteria, formulate projects and assess program effectiveness, including statistically sound interpretation of outcome and financial data.

· Ability to set overall objectives and to determine deadlines, projects, and work to be done.

· Ability to resolve conflicts, coordinate work, and interpret policy in terms of objectives.

· Ability to develop and implement administrative procedures and analyze their effectiveness.

· Ability to travel independently to all member locations.

· Understanding of library technology standards, policies, and trends.

· Proficiency in the use of automated systems in a library environment.

· Flexibility to adjust schedule to accommodate requirements of service.

· Ability to work a schedule that includes travel to all Wilderness Coast locations.


· M.S. in Library Science or Information Studies from an A.L.A.-accredited college or university.

· Minimum two years experience in public library work.

· Experience in public library planning and library automation preferred.


Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.

· Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time.

· Ability to access, input, and retrieve information from a computer.

· Ability to lift objects weighing up to 30 lbs. without assistance.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.

Work is performed primarily indoors.

Work involves frequent interaction with people.

Central Administrator Contract



Date: __December 10, 2018____________

The Wilderness Coast Public Libraries agrees to continue with _Patricia Gilleland_______________ as the central administrator (single administrative head) from _January 1, 2019________ to __December 31, 2019___________.  Her current salary is _       ____, plus a raise of _    _.  Benefits included are a health plan, State retirement, FICA, Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, and travel reimbursed at the State rate.

The Administrator and the Governing Board agree to abide by the conditions set out in the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries Interlocal Agreement signed by the three counties of Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla, effective on October 1, 1995; the State Aid Guidelines; and the Special Independent District rules and regulations.

The Governing Board has the exclusive authority to hire, discharge, and set all conditions of employment of the single administrative head (subject to the provisions of the Agreement).  The Governing Board shall have the authority to set policy, adopt plans, adopt budgets for the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries, and to enter into contracts on behalf of the Library.

The Single Administrative Head shall be hired by the Governing Board.  The Single Administrative Head shall be the head of the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries, and shall have the following minimum qualifications: a Master of Library Science degree from an ALA accredited university or college, plus two years of successful, full-time paid library experience in a public library unit open to the public at least 40 hours a week.

The Single Administrative Head shall be an at-will employee of Wilderness Coast Public Libraries and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governing Board.  The Governing Board shall set positions and salary structure, and the Single Administrative Head shall employ and engage employees of Wilderness Coast Public Libraries.

POWERS, DUTIES, AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SINGLE ADMINISTRATIVE HEAD:  The following activities shall be carried out by the Single Administrative Head for all library outlets under the plans, policies, and budgets adopted by the Library’s Governing Board, and they may not be delegated through other interlocal agreements, or other service agreements:  development of a single Long Range Plan for all library outlets for adoption by the library’s governing body; development of a single Annual Plan of Service and Budget for adoption by the library’s governing body; development of library policies for adoption by the library’s governing body, including consistent policies that guide public service provided by all library outlets; implementation of the Long Range Plan, the Annual Plan of Service and Budget, and the policies adopted by the governing body; preparing reports on behalf of the library as required by the Division of Library and Information Services of the State of Florida; development and implementation of a plan for automated systems that provides library-wide access to materials, programs, and services; development and implementation of library programs and services that are planned and provided for two or more outlets; maintain and expend both components of multicounty grants, and LSTA grants, and other funds designated to be expended by the multicounty administration; and hire, evaluate, and discharge staff of the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries.

Either party agrees to give 30 days notice to the other party of intent to cancel the contract.



Wilderness Coast Public Libraries Governing Board Chairperson









Single Administrative Head








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