Board Meeting Materials – 2018, October 8

Board Meeting Materials – October 8, 2018

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Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
WILD Governing Board Meeting
MONDAY, October 8, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.
at the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327

• Changes to Agenda
• Minutes from the August 2018 meeting-vote
• Financial Report-vote
• Administrator Report
• FY 18-19 Combined Cooperative Budget-Vote
• FY 18-19 Annual Plan of Service – Vote
• Proposed policy revision regarding employee insurance-Vote
• Election of Officers-vote
Other Business
• Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Director Reports
Next Meeting will be Monday, December 10, 2018 at WCPL at 1:30 p.m.
• Agenda 10-8-2018
• Financial Report – September 2018
• Minutes- August 2018
• Administrator Report – September 2018
• Annual Plan of Service – 2018-19
• Combined Budget 2018-2019

Minutes 8/14/2018

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
Governing Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 14, 2018, 1:30 p.m.
Conference Room of the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Hwy, Crawfordville FL 32327

Board Members present: Nancy Wideman, Marilyn Lewis, Ellen Ashdown, Chuck Hess, Dick Bailar, Sharon Rider. Others Present: Pat Gilleland, Natalie Binder, Robyn Drummond, Lisa Lance, Friedel Bailar.

Nancy called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. She asked if there were any additions to the agenda, and since there were none, the minutes were approved as presented. Nancy asked Pat for any comments on the Financial Report. Pat mentioned that the fiscal year is 83% complete, and compared that with the percent expended in the various categories. Health insurance is slightly over that percentage number, because health insurance is paid in advance. Travel expenses have been lower due to increasing use of remote IT capabilities. Communications expenses have been lower that expected because WILD’s contract with Centurylink has been renegotiated. Maintenance, Office Supplies, and Equipment costs have also been lower than expected during this fiscal year. Dick moved to accept the Financial Report, Sharon seconded, and it was approved.

Nancy asked Pat for any comments on the Administrator Report. Pat reported that she had attended an excellent program on Libraries and the Homeless at the ALA Conference, and had brought back a handout to distribute to the County Library Directors. She noted that WILD is being awarded an additional $4,893 in State Aid funding for the upcoming fiscal year due to a change in allocation of funds for public library cooperatives. Pat also reported that she had contacted the FSU College of Information about possibly reviving their IT internship at WILD. WILD has had interns in the past, and in addition to providing an opportunity for a deserving student, having an intern would also give WILD access to another IT professional if needed. Dick asked whether this would involve WILD hiring a new employee and what the intern would be paid. Pat replied that the internship would only be for a semester, that the funding for the internship has remained in the budget under the heading of OPS funding if needed. And nothing would need to be changed or adjusted if FSU decides to place an intern again with WILD. Pat discussed the fact that she and Jonathan had been very busy setting up the new Cloud-based technical support system, and were pleased that it was functioning so smoothly. Pat also noted that electronic circulation is up 48% over July of 2017, and that FCPL’s electronic circulation has more than doubled during the past year. Dick moved to accept the report, Marilyn seconded, and the report was approved.

The contract with Bywater Solutions to host WILD’s Koha Integrated Library System is up for renewal. The renewal contract is identical to the previous contract, and the hosting cost will remain the same, although Bywater has alerted Pat that next year’s contract will bring a $500.00 increase. Marilyn said she was not suggesting this, but wondered if there had been any thought of switching vendors. Pat said everyone involved has been very satisfied with Bywater, and that there has not been any discussion of moving to a different vendor. Sharon moved to approve the new contract, Ellen seconded the motion, and the contract was approved.

The State Library had not released the updated State Aid Grant Agreement for the new fiscal year by the time documents had to be posted for the Board Meeting, so when Pat talked to them on August 5th they suggested asking the Board to approve the old version since they indicated there would only be a couple of minor changes in accounting language in the new version. Pat asked if the Board would be willing to approve the old version and give Nancy authority to sign the new one whenever it was released. Dick moved to approve the State Aid Agreement with the caveat that if there were any major changes they would be brought before the Board, and Marilyn seconded. Chuck expressed concern about approving the Agreement before everyone saw the new version. Pat said that an email had just come from the State extending the deadline for approving the Grant Agreement until December 1. Dick offered to withdraw his motion, but after discussion the Board approved Nancy signing the new Agreement with the caveat that if there were any discernable changes Nancy would bring the Agreement back to the Board to review before signing.

Nancy remarked that everyone had already seen the Long Range Plan over the summer, and asked if there were any additional questions. Ellen asked about the status of a new building for WCPL. Chuck indicated that the County Commission had made a new building a priority request to the Legislature. . Dick moved to approve the Long Range Plan, Ellen seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Nancy indicated that since the budget for the new fiscal year is not due to the State until December, she would like to address Dick’s request from the last meeting and appoint a Budget Committee to look at the proposed budget. Dick remarked that he would like to see improvement of the benefit structure for WILD employees. Marilyn, Chuck, and Nancy will be on the Budget Committee and will report back to the Board at the October meeting.

Natalie made the Directors Report for Jefferson County. Natalie summarized the Moon Rock program, said that the budget for the upcoming fiscal year is being finalized, and went on to discuss this year’s Summer Reading Program. All programs were held on Saturday with an average attendance of 40 people. The STEM project to build electric cars attracted 45 people. Natalie praised the efforts of Courtney Nicolou, the Youth Services Librarian, toward making this year such a success. They are alternating MakerSpace programs with Family Yoga, and are working on becoming an anchor institution for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The goal of the project is for all children under five in the community to receive a free book every month. Once the library is approved as an anchor institution, they will need to obtain lists of children to serve, determine funds needed for postage/shipping, and then they will begin the program. Literacy grant funds can be used for shipping during the first two years of the Imagination Library project, although funds will need to be raised to continue the project after the grant expires.

Lisa reported that the Music as a Second Language program finished up in May. FCPL started the school year with 21 students in the program, and had 17 students finish the year. 75 people attended the recital at the end of the year. All the students who completed the program can keep the instruments they used. Rock By The Sea has already confirmed grant funding for next year. The Mobile Mammogram Unit visited the Library and had 8 registrants. They will return in October. One of the new Little Free Libraries has been planted at Chillas Hall in Lanark Village, and the residents are excited to have access to the books. The FCPL Teen Book Club is doing well. A new series of STEAM programs will be starting up in Carrabelle, and a new Anime Club will alternate between library locations. Two new staff members will be hired soon to fill existing vacancies. Karen Kessel from Bring Me a Book Franklin has donated 110 children’s books to FCPL. The FCPL budget has been pre-approved for next fiscal year.

Robyn reported that WCPL had 51 programs over the summer, with total attendance of 1702. The staff are all still recovering from the huge crowds, but they are continuing their efforts to take more programs out into the community. Robyn attended the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans. She has attended training for the Florida Career Online High School program. WCPL has redesigned and upgraded their Junior area, and are shifting the Florida collection and nonprint area. A patron donation of 618 DVDs has enabled them to refurbish and increase the size of their DVD collection. The 2nd Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day will be held in September, and a Creative Writing class will begin this fall. WCPL will host the PLAN Florida Library Youth Program workshop for the Tallahassee area on January 16. Robyn, Rebecca, and Heather will present a report to the Panhandle Library Access Network about the status of the grant WCPL was awarded to provide mobile library service.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.

Financial Report 9/30/2018

Year to Date Income Year to Date
Year to Date
State Grant $ 317,179.00 $ 315,712.00 1,467.00 100%
Interest Income 9.57 0.00 9.57 100%
State Aid roll-over 133,395.00 133,395.00 0.00 100%
Total Revenues 450,583.57 449,107.00 1,476.57 100%
Salaries 126,213.60 140,000.00 (13,786.40) 90%
OPS (Salaries) 0.00 2,000.00 (2,000.00) 0%
FICA 9,654.99 10,000.00 (345.01) 97%
Retirement 17,783.87 20,000.00 (2,216.13) 89%
Health Insurance 17,223.32 16,000.00 1,223.32 108%
Workers Compensation 520.50 1,000.00 (479.50) 52%
Unemployment 0.00 104,000.00 (104,000.00) 0%
Professional Services 7,902.54 8,500.00 (597.46) 93%
Contractual Expenses 7,708.40 10,707.00 (2,998.60) 72%
Travel 9,608.04 18,000.00 (8,391.96) 53%
Communications 7,399.94 9,100.00 (1,700.06) 81%
Postage 9,286.74 9,700.00 (413.26) 96%
Rent 14,750.00 18,100.00 (3,350.00) 81%
Insurance 5,229.50 7,400.00 (2,170.50) 71%
Maintenance 1,126.41 4,000.00 (2,873.59) 28%
Other Expenses 1,240.00 3,000.00 (1,760.00) 41%
Office Supplies 375.84 1,000.00 (624.16) 38%
Operating Supplies 17,431.33 23,705.00 (6,273.67) 74%
Subscriptions / Memberships 3,740.93 5,500.00 (1,759.07) 68%
Equipment 5,375.94 12,000.00 (6,624.06) 45%
Books and Materials 14,637.04 25,295.00 (10,657.96) 58%
Total Expenses 277,208.93 449,007.00 (171,798.07) 62%
Net Income $ 173,374.64 $ 100.00 173,274.64

Administrator Report

August – September 2018

Meetings Attended:

  • WILD Board Meeting (2)
  • WILD Directors Meeting (2)
  • Monticello-Jefferson Chamber Meeting
  • Wakulla Chamber Meeting
  • Wakulla County Budget Hearing
  • Franklin County Budget Hearing
  • Jefferson County Budget Hearing
  • Panhandle Library Access Network Board Meeting in Panama City
  • Wakulla Budget Presentation (for Robyn Drummond)
  • Library Cooperative Directors Meeting
  • Meeting with Panhandle Public Library Cooperative Director

Other Events:

  • Attended “Special District Survival Guide” presented by the State Library
  • Attended Capital Health Plan Employer Training
  • Attended Wakulla County Open Enrollment

Other Activities of Note:

  • Pat worked with County Library Directors to get all applications for State Aid to Public Libraries in to the State.
  • Pat worked with Keith to complete fiscal year expenditures and finish fiscal year-end reporting.
  • Pat worked with Keith to prepare the proposed FY 18-19 budget.
  • Pat completed the cleanup of our ILS patron database.
  • WILD received nomination for Wakulla Nonprofit of the Year.

Fiscal Year Statistics 10/1/17 through 9/30/18:

Physical Items Circulated – 116,596 (up .8% over FY 2017

Electronic Items Circulated- 8,959  (up 34.2 % over FY 2017)

IT assistance requests – 197 (up 32.0 % over FY 2017)

Mango Languages – 296 sessions,  32 different languages (up 98.6 % over FY 2017)

Chilton Auto Repair Database – 257 sessions (up 76.0 % over FY 2017)


The next WILD Board Meeting will be on Monday, December 10, 2018 at 1:30 P.M. See you there!

WILD Combined Budget 2018-2019

APPROPRIATION–COUNTY  $     –  $267,418  $233,309  $346,665  $847,392
STATE AID EST.  $320,605  $84,284  $145,389  $96,684  $646,962
Other Cash Contributions  $13,632  $200,000  $26,250  $239,882
ROLL OVER  $125,217  $53,385  $178,602
TOTAL  $445,822  $365,334  $632,083  $469,599  $1,912,838
PERSONNEL 100, 200
120 SALARIES  $144,200  $151,904  $207,604  $198,333  $702,041
130 OPS  $2,000  $     –  $     –  $     –  $2,000
210 FICA/MEDICARE  $11,031  $11,621  $14,271  $14,000  $50,923
220 RETIREMENT  $23,000  $18,569  $16,601  $15,074  $73,244
230 HEALTH  $19,200  $39,020  $33,265  $95,258  $186,743
240 WORKERS COMP  $1,200  $     –  $10,920  $     –  $12,120
250 UNEMPLOYMENT  $110,779  $     –  $     –  $     –  $110,779
TOTAL PERSONNEL  $311,410  $221,114  $282,661  $322,665  $1,137,850
310 PROFESSIONAL SERV.  $9,000  $     –  $     –  $     –  $9,000
340 CONTRACTUAL  $11,707  $     –  $5,000  $5,100  $21,807
400 TRAVEL  $13,000  $1,000  $1,500  $2,040  $17,540
410 COMMUNICATIONS  $7,300  $8,000  $3,500  $816  $19,616
410 POSTAGE  $10,000  $     –  $500  $     –  $10,500
430 UTILITIES  $     –  $16,000  $12,000  $     –  $28,000
440 RENT  $18,100  $30,000  $2,800  $245  $51,145
450 INSURANCE  $7,600  $7,000  $     –  $     –  $14,600
460 MAINTENANCE  $4,000  $19,000  $23,600  $4,590  $51,190
490 OTHER  $3,000  $33,215  $173,016  $50,294  $259,525
510 OFFICE SUPPLIES  $1,000  $1,905  $13,000  $5,100  $21,005
520 OPERATING SUPPLIES  $23,705  $10,000  $10,000  $34,120  $77,825
540 SUBS & MEMB  $5,500  $2,500  $20,000  $1,122  $29,122
TOTAL OPERATING  $113,912  $128,620  $264,916  $103,427  $610,875
640 EQUIPMENT  $5,500  $     –  $2,000  $3,377  $10,877
660 BOOKS/MATERIALS  $15,000  $15,600  $35,000  $40,130  $105,730
662 BUILDINGS  $     –  $     –  $47,506  $     –  $47,506
TOTAL CAPITAL 600   $20,500  $15,600  $84,506  $43,507  $164,113
990 RESERVE  $     –  $     –  $     –  $     –  $     –
TOTAL BUDGET  $445,822  $365,334  $632,083  $469,599  $1,912,838

Annual Plan of Service and Budget 2018-2019

  The Annual Plan of Service and Budget is an outline of the cooperative’s focus of activities during the year. The Plan supports the goals, objectives, and action plan from the Cooperative’s Long-Range Plan. The activities outlined in the Annual Plan of Service are supported by the cooperative’s budget as indicated.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Facilities

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide safe, inviting, and appropriate facilities for library users.

  • JCPL and FCPL will work toward making facilities ADA-compliant.
  • WCPL will continue to investigate relocating to a larger facility.
  • JCPL will investigate renovation of the public restrooms.
  1. Collections

Libraries will provide exemplary collections that meet the needs of the public.

  • Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to utilize standard reviewing sources, lists, and other collection development tools in order to maintain high quality collections.
  • Libraries will continue to provide financial resources to develop the Overdrive e-library collection.
  • Libraries will continue to maintain collections for the public in multiple formats (including print, audio, DVD and digital).
  • Libraries will continue to facilitate resource sharing among Cooperative members.
  1. Programs and Services

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide a selection of age-appropriate and interest-related programs for library patrons.

  • FCPL will work toward increasing attendance at children and youth programs by 10%.
  • WCPL and JCPL will work toward increasing the number of adult programs offered by 10%.
  • JCPL will continue to support expansion of youth services program opportunities to outreach locations.
  1. Staff Development

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to employ qualified staff members who are committed to providing high quality customer service.

  • The Cooperative Office will continue to fund an annual Staff Development Training Session for all library staff.
  • Libraries in the Cooperative will increase attendance at training opportunities available through the Panhandle Library Access Network and other organizations by 10%.
  • Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide opportunities for staff to attend state and national conferences as appropriate.
  • FCPL and WCPL will continue to advocate for increasing staff FTE in order to be able to provide expanded services.
  1. Technology

Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to provide access to networked resources, hardware, software, and technology training required to meet patron needs.

  • The Cooperative Office will continue to provide technical support service to the libraries in the areas of server maintenance, ILS, print maintenance, anti-virus protection, security, and hardware repair, as well as maintain the Spiceworks IT ticketing system.
  • WCPL will investigate updating staff and OPAC computers.
  • FCPL will plan to purchase newer desk computers and replacement laptops for use with the multimedia system.
  • JCPL will investigate the possibility for relocating their server to a more secure and appropriate location.
  1. Reporting

The Cooperative and its member libraries will provide reports to the Governing Board and other reporting agencies.

  • Libraries in the Cooperative will provide timely reports and to the Cooperative Board, State Library, and other agencies.

Approved by the Wilderness Coast Governing Board on 10/8/2018

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