Board Meeting Materials – 2019, April 8

Board Meeting Materials – April 8, 2019

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Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
WILD Governing Board Meeting
MONDAY, April 8, 2019 at 1:30 p.m.
at the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327

• Changes to Agenda
• Minutes from the February 2019 meeting-vote
• Financial Report-vote
• Administrator Report

• 2017-18 Audit – Richard Powell, Powell & Jones – vote

Other Business
• Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Director Reports
Next Meeting will be September 8, 2019 at WCPL at 1:30 p.m.
• Agenda 4-8-2019
• Financial Report – March 2019
• Minutes- February 2019
• Administrator Report – Feb/March 2019

Minutes 2/11/2019

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
Governing Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 11, 2019, 1:30 p.m.
Conference Room of the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Hwy, Crawfordville FL 32327

Board Members present: Marilyn Lewis, Nancy Wideman, Ellen Ashdown, Sharon Rider, Chuck Hess. Others Present: Pat Gilleland, Robyn Drummond, Lisa Lance.

Old Business:

Marilyn called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. She asked if there were any additions or corrections to the agenda, and there were none. Sharon moved to approve the minutes of the December meeting, and motion was approved. Marilyn asked Pat if she had any comments on the Financial Report. Pat said that fiscal year is 1/3 completed, and that everything is on schedule except for travel, which is running below the estimated expenditure amount. Nancy moved to accept the financial report, and the motion was approved.

Marilyn asked Pat for any comments on the Administrative Report. Pat noted that due to the resignation of Halsey Beshears and the scheduling of the special election to replace him, Bill Montford is our area’s only legislative representative. At a recent meeting at the State Library the public library directors were given the surprising news that the Bureau of the Census is planning to administer the 2020 census online using computers at the public libraries. The State Library staff member who reported the news said she would report any more information she received to the public library directors as she received it. The Board discussed the various difficulties that could arise from them attempting to administer the census this way, and everyone agreed that more information and follow-through by the Bureau would be needed in order for this to work. Pat gave a brief history of the web filtering products that had previously been used by the WILD libraries, and said that we have now migrated to a cloud-based version of the iBoss filter product that we had been using. We are the first library in the area to go with a cloud-based product and we have had inquiries from other libraries asking about it. Marilyn asked why we needed web filtering, and Pat replied that it was a requirement for Children’s Internet Protection Act compliance. Pat also directed the Board’s attention to the statistics for our Mango Languages and Chilton’s Auto Repair database subscriptions, saying use of both products has dramatically increased during the past year.

New Business:

The Board had previously discussed shifting some reserve funds to equipment to assist the member libraries with purchases, and this needed to be approved with a budget amendment. We have received the confirmed dollar amount of this year’s State grant, and even though we have not yet received the funds we do know that we had an increase so we will not need to shift as much as previously thought. Sharon moved to approve the budget amendment proposal to shift $13,540 from reserve to equipment, Chuck seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

Directors Reports:

Robyn said WCPL has added a new part-time staff member named Suzie, and they are appreciating her work ethic and enthusiasm. The mobile library has made its third rotation to Panacea. Since they have only had 3-5 people attend each time, they are considering shifting the schedule to see if that will make a difference. The mobile library was invited to Medart Elementary. The students enjoyed touring the mobile library. The new Library of Things premiered this month, and has been very popular. Rebecca Jones presented a Kids Coding program at Panhandle Library Access Network’s Tech Day program in January. Linda Oaks also attended PLAN’s cataloging training. The Library float won first place in the Valentine’s Day parade, and the castle will be used again in October for Halloween. This year’s Halloween theme will be Alice in Wonderland. Take Your Child to the Library Day was a great success, with 314 people attending. Many of the attendees were first time visitors to WCPL. Heather and Robyn will attend Library Day at the State Capitol. The celebration for Dr. Seuss’ birthday will be held on March 1, followed by the Friends’ Masquerade Ball on March 2. Other spring events are the Peeps diorama contest and Build Your Bucket Day in April, followed by Star Wars day on May 4.

Lisa reported that they had great response to the Hurricane Michael essay contest. There were 26 total essays, three adults and three children had been selected as winners, and the 1st place winners each were awarded $200. All of the essays will be published in the Apalachicola Times. Music as a Second Language kicked off with 24 students. They were a little late getting started because they had to locate an additional guitar teacher. The Arthritis Foundation’s Walk With Ease program had 12 adults participate. The Winter sessions of computer classes are doing well and will continue through March 21. There were 9 attendees last week in Carrabelle for the class on Facebook. Pam is also booking individual appointments, and these have been very popular. The Master Gardiner program was finally able to start up again after being interrupted by Hurricane Michael. They have planted potatoes in Eastpoint and are creating compost in Carrabelle. Attendance has been standing room only for the Winter Quilting Group. Tax help with Tax Aide is in full swing. The owner of the used book store in Apalachicola has been donating books to the Library that have local connections. The Friends Soup Bread and Book Sale in February made $1300. One staff member is out on maternity leave. Visiting author Doug Goodman will give a program on February 27.

Nancy read the JCPL report in Natalie’s absence. Jefferson has received an extra $10,000 in State funding, and is planning to use the funds to purchase a backup emergency generator to keep the Library open during hurricanes and other disasters. They are having a great month of programs for Black History Month. They had a soul food tasting and storyteller, and have an upcoming showing of Black Panther and music from the Detroit Players. They are seeking adult volunteers for the Literacy Alliance Seed Program who would be willing to read to children during the school day. She is working on revisions to the Library’s job descriptions. They were last updated in 2012 and the positions require considerably more technical skills than they did then.

With no further business, Marilyn adjourned the meeting at 2:15 pm.

Financial Report 3/31/2019

Year to Date
Year to Date
Year to Date
State Grant $323,458.00 $323,458.00 0.00 100%
Interest Income 20.21 0.00 20.21 100%
State Aid roll-over 0.00 125,217.00 (125,217.00) 0%
Total Revenues 323,478.21 448,675.00 (125,196.79) 72%
Salaries 61,799.57 144,200.00 (82,400.43) 43%
OPS (Salaries) 0.00 2,000.00 (2,000.00) 0%
FICA 4,776.77 11,031.00 (6,254.23) 43%
Retirement 6,623.91 23,000.00 (16,376.09) 29%
Health Insurance 8,129.62 19,200.00 (11,070.38) 42%
Workers Compensation 325.50 1,200.00 (874.50) 27%
Unemployement 0.00 95,779.00 (95,779.00) 0%
Professional Services 1,441.65 9,000.00 (7,558.35) 16%
Contractual Expenses 600.00 11,707.00 (11,107.00) 5%
Travel 2,109.09 13,000.00 (10,890.91) 16%
Communications 3,196.13 7,300.00 (4,103.87) 44%
Postage 9,057.20 10,000.00 (942.80) 91%
Rent 7,375.00 18,100.00 (10,725.00) 41%
Insurance 2,992.50 7,600.00 (4,607.50) 39%
Maintenance 958.90 4,000.00 (3,041.10) 24%
Other Expenses 259.00 3,000.00 (2,741.00) 9%
Office Supplies 243.50 1,000.00 (756.50) 24%
Operating Supplies 9,485.46 23,705.00 (14,219.54) 40%
Subscriptions / Memberships 3,817.14 5,500.00 (1,682.86) 69%
Equipment 1,741.09 23,353.00 (21,611.91) 7%
Books and Materials 5,997.82 15,000.00 (9,002.18) 40%
Total Expenses 130,929.85 448,675.00 (317,745.15) 29%
Net Income $192,548.36 $0.00 192,548.36

Administrator Report

February – March 2019

Meetings Attended:

  • WILD Board Meeting
  • Panhandle Library Access Network Board Meeting in Panama City Beach
  • WILD Directors Meeting
  • Monticello-Jefferson County Chamber Meeting
  • Wakulla Chamber Meeting
  • Meeting with New River Library Cooperative Director in Lake Butler

Other Events:

  • Attended Library Day at Florida Capitol
  • Met with staff of legislators on Senate Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Committee
  • Met with staff of House Transportation and Tourism Committee
  • Attended Senior Coffee Hour program at Jefferson County Public Library

Other Activities of Note:

  • Worked with Accountant and Auditor to complete Annual Audit
  • Began ordering new staff computers for libraries
  • WILD and the County Libraries received State Aid to Libraries grant payments

Cooperative Statistics :2/1/19 through 3/31/19):
Physical Items Circulated – 19,058 (down 4% from previous year)
Electronic Items Circulated- 1,910 (up 25% % over previous year)
Mango Languages – 17 sessions, 5 different languages (up 6 % over previous year)
Chilton Auto Repair Database –29 sessions (up 81% over previous year)

Reminder: The next WILD Board Meeting will be on Monday, September 9, 2019. See you there!

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