Board Meeting Materials – 2019, October 14

Board Meeting Materials – October 14, 2019

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Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
WILD Governing Board Meeting
MONDAY, October 14, 2019 at 1:30 p.m.
at the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327

• Changes to Agenda
• Introductions
• Minutes from the September 2019 meeting-vote
• Financial Report-vote
• Administrator Report – Pat Gilleland
• FY 19-20 Combined Cooperative Budget-Vote
• FY 19-20 Annual Plan of Service – Vote
• Election of Officers-vote
Other Business
• Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Director Reports
Next Meeting will be Monday, December 9, 2019 at WCPL at 1:30 p.m.
• Agenda 10-14-2019
• Financial Report – September 2019
• Minutes- September 2019
• Administrator Report – September 2019
• Annual Plan of Service – 2019-20
• Combined Cooperative Budget 2019-2020

Minutes 9/9/2019

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
Governing Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 9, 2019, 1:30 p.m.
Conference Room of the Wakulla County Public Library
4330 Crawfordville Hwy, Crawfordville FL 32327

Board Members present: Marilyn Lewis, Juliane Shoup Dinkel, Ellen Ashdown, Sharon Rider, Chuck Hess. Board Members absent: Gene Hall. Others Present: Pat Gilleland, Robyn Drummond, Natalie Binder.

Marilyn called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. Pat introduced Juliane Dinkle, the new Board Member from Jefferson County, and the other Board Members and Directors introduced themselves. Juliane is the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for Jefferson County.

Old Business:

Sharon moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting as distributed. Ellen seconded the motion, and the motion passed. Marilyn asked Pat for comments on the Financial Report. Pat said there had been no unanticipated expenses and that there was nothing unusual to report; the fiscal year is 91% completed and most expense categories are expended close to that percentage. We are waiting for a couple of more bills to finish out the fiscal year. Sharon moved to accept the financial statement, Ellen seconded, and the motion passed.

Pat then went through the Administrator Report, commenting on several areas. Pat, Robyn, and another staff member from Wakulla attended the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC this summer. Pat attended several library-sponsored events over the summer. Jonathan McCaughan, our Systems Administrator, attended a Disaster Collaboration Workshop in Panama City as well as a workshop on transitioning agencies to Google Cloud at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Pat assisted the Directors with completing their respective applications for State Aid to Public Libraries. Franklin’s application has been submitted, WILD’s application will be submitted as soon as the Board approved the Grant Agreement, and the other two county applications will be submitted soon.  Pat conducted the orientation of new Board Member Juliane Shoup Dinkle, and worked with the Accountant to clarify and revise the WILD budget.  Circulation of electronic items continues to increase substantially, while circulation of physical items continues to decrease slightly.  Due to the fact that the upcoming Veterans Day holiday falls on the scheduled Board Meeting date of the second Monday alternate months, the next Board Meeting will need to be moved up to the second Monday of October in order to get the remaining required items for the State Aid to Libraries application approved before the State Library’s December 1 deadline.

New Business:

Pat went through the State Aid to Public Libraries Application which the Board needs to approve, pointing out the various sections, and briefly outlining the criteria the State has established for eligibility. The applying library has to have a full-time person in charge, provide free library service, provide access to materials, information, and services for all residents of the service area, have at least one location open at least 40 hours per week. There are additional sections describing what purposes you can use grant funds for and the resulting financial consequences for violating the agreement, accounting requirements, requirements for subcontractors, and information about the Florida Single Audit Act. Marilyn asked if Pat had noticed any charges in this application from previous years, and Pat replied that although there had been changes last year, there were none for this year.  Chuck asked about the phrase in the application which stated “Grant funds shall be used for the operation and maintenance of the library” on Page 2 and wondered how Wilderness Coast could be considered a library.  Pat explained that all the Library Cooperatives are considered libraries by the State and that the application and criteria are the same as for the County libraries. He then asked why WILD was paying rent for a separate building rather than being housed in one of the libraries, and asked Natalie and Robyn whether the WILD office staff could be housed in their respective buildings. He said when Wakulla builds a new building he could see them including room for the WILD staff. Marilyn pointed out that the work schedule of the Cooperative staff could be vastly different that that of the Wakulla Public Library, and that it might not be cost-effective to change the building plans to accommodate that. Robyn said that based on the plans she had seen for the proposed new building there would not be room for the WILD staff. Sharon moved to accept and approve the State Aid Agreement, Ellen seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

Pat said that although the Board must approve the combined budget for the Cooperative before Dec. 1,  the county governments were still working their way through the budget process so the only part that is ready for the Board to consider is the Cooperative Office budget, so she went through the different categories in the proposed FY 19-20 budget. The unemployment category has been eliminated, because after confirming that WILD is now paying unemployment taxes through our payroll service. The Accountant recommended to stop budgeting WILD’s rollover funds under unemployment since we don’t intend to spend them. The budget now is based on our yearly appropriation from the State, and our rollover funds will continue to show up in our annual audit as our fund balance. From now on any unexpended funds from each fiscal year will be added to the fund balance. Ellen remarked that she was curious about the Chamber memberships-not about the cost, which is minimal, but about the benefit- and asked Pat if she attended many of the meetings. Pat answered that in her opinion the benefit is primarily goodwill, but that she had made some valuable contacts through the various Chambers and that last year WILD had been nominated as Nonprofit of the Year by a contact she had made at a Wakulla Chamber meeting.  Pat said that she does occasionally go to meetings, and that she felt the benefit of belonging to the Chamber is similar to the benefit we get from subscribing to the local newspapers-it helps to know what goes on in communities and to be familiar with local events. Juliane asked if the WILD Chamber memberships covered the County libraries as well, and Pat replied no. Robyn said their Friends of the Library have a Chamber membership, and Natalie said JCPL has a separate budget category for memberships so the Library can join the Arts Council and other community organizations in addition to library-related organizations. Marilyn asked if the Cooperative Office budget needed to be approved, and Pat said yes so that she could know for sure what numbers to put into the combined budget which needs to be approved at the next meeting. Sharon moved to approve the Cooperative Office budget, Juliane seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

Directors Reports:

JCPL: Natalie reported that since the end of the fiscal year is coming up she had been spending, most of her time on financial issues. In addition to the budget preparation process and the State Aid application process, JCPL was randomly chosen by the State Library along with FCPL to be audited for compliance with last year’s State Aid Agreement. JCPL had great attendance at  the their Summer Reading programs and activities. Their air conditioning system failed at the beginning of July and had to be replaced. Due to the intense summer heat and the length of time required to replace the system, the Library managed to stay open in the mornings, although it became a safety risk to keep it open in the afternoons. Their youth services librarian continues to do a great job and brings lots of kids in with new programming. They have quite a few events planned for the fall: Indian drumming, animal tales and creepy critters, Ghostober, making bubbles with dry ice and other science demonstrations. They are also trying to build up their adult program offerings this fall, and have scheduled events including book clubs and financial literacy.  The Literacy Alliance has continued through the summer with sponsoring the monthly ABC-123 program, which involves a special dinner for families with accompanying literacy activities for all ages.  Natalie attended the Disaster Collaboration workshop along with Jonathan and learned a great deal about legal aid and helping people after a disaster.

WCPL: Robyn said Linda went to the same emergency conference that Natalie and Jonathan went to in Panama City. Linda is now functioning as the Library’s liason to emergency management agencies. WCPL had a busy summer but their numbers were slightly down from last year.  They think numbers were down because many more camps were offered where parents can drop their kids off for the day, so the Library staff are going to readjust their program schedule next year. Rebecca had two teams that participated in the Nasa Mars Rover Challenge. After learning to code the Rovers, the team had to remote into them and power them through a new terrain challenge. One of the Library’s teams came in 2nd place, and the other came in 4th. There should be an article appearing soon in the Wakulla News about this competition. Robyn and Roxanne spent a lot of time on the exhibit floor at ALA in Washington, DC looking at mobile shelving and other products specifically designed to help facilitate using the proposed new building as a joint hurricane shelter. Roxanne attended sessions on the upcoming census in which they gave out conflicting information. Pat indicated she would add more on the Census later.  WCPL has been looking for a new door counter because the one they use has been ineffective. They have found a heat-sensing counter they like and are trying to negotiate a lower price for it. Robyn also had a wonderful time going to the Library of Congress while she was at ALA. They also took a day to take staff to explore Chamblin’s Book Mine in Jacksonville. They are going to change their mobile library stops and schedules because they have not been attracting as many people as they would like to see.  They are going to try to go to places where larger crowds of people congregate such as Azalea Park.  The mobile library continues to come in handy for festivals and parades and other special events. The Escape Room continues to be very popular. They are changing their free Friday movie nights to a Throwback Thursday morning show of classic movies. The Evening at Hogwarts event was extremely well attended. Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up later on this month. WCPL has purchased a large pirate ship from Wakulla High School and the Library staff are working on fitting it in the building. Halloween is coming up soon and the staff are already soliciting candy donations. The theme for this year will be Alice in Wonderland. Robyn is on the commission agenda for tomorrow night to get WCPL’s State Aid Agreement approved.

FCPL: Since Franklin does not currently have a Director, Ellen and Sharon gave the Director’s report. Ellen said that all she had were statistics, but that counting the attendance totals of both libraries 97 people had participated in the Summer Reading program. Whitney at Eastpoint told Ellen that they had also had 50 people submit raffle tickets into their Kindle Fire drawing. Performance events were well attended at both locations, with a total of 257 participants. Carrabelle also had a back to school party where they gave away 24 donated bookbags that the Library staff had filled with school supplies. Their upcoming events include Talk Like a Pirate Day, Lego Club, Steam and Steam II.  They are planning to do a monthly Surprise Tuesday program for teens. Chef Cheryl Rankin is coming to do a book signing, and author Dawn McKenna is coming to promote her new book.

Pat talked about the experiences the Directors have all had with conflicting information from Census personnel about the upcoming 2020 Census. Marilyn asked if there was any further business to discuss. With no further discussion, and a reminder that that we will need to meet again on October 14, Marilyn adjourned the meeting at 2:34 p.m.


Financial Report 9/30/2019


Year to Date Income Year to Date
Year to Date
State Grant $ 317,179.00 $ 315,712.00 1,467.00 100%
Interest Income 9.57 0.00 9.57 100%
State Aid roll-over 133,395.00 133,395.00 0.00 100%
Total Revenues 450,583.57 449,107.00 1,476.57 100%
Salaries 126,213.60 140,000.00 (13,786.40) 90%
OPS (Salaries) 0.00 2,000.00 (2,000.00) 0%
FICA 9,654.99 10,000.00 (345.01) 97%
Retirement 17,783.87 20,000.00 (2,216.13) 89%
Health Insurance 17,223.32 16,000.00 1,223.32 108%
Workers Compensation 520.50 1,000.00 (479.50) 52%
Unemployment 0.00 104,000.00 (104,000.00) 0%
Professional Services 7,902.54 8,500.00 (597.46) 93%
Contractual Expenses 7,708.40 10,707.00 (2,998.60) 72%
Travel 9,608.04 18,000.00 (8,391.96) 53%
Communications 7,399.94 9,100.00 (1,700.06) 81%
Postage 9,286.74 9,700.00 (413.26) 96%
Rent 14,750.00 18,100.00 (3,350.00) 81%
Insurance 5,229.50 7,400.00 (2,170.50) 71%
Maintenance 1,126.41 4,000.00 (2,873.59) 28%
Other Expenses 1,240.00 3,000.00 (1,760.00) 41%
Office Supplies 375.84 1,000.00 (624.16) 38%
Operating Supplies 17,431.33 23,705.00 (6,273.67) 74%
Subscriptions / Memberships 3,740.93 5,500.00 (1,759.07) 68%
Equipment 5,375.94 12,000.00 (6,624.06) 45%
Books and Materials 14,637.04 25,295.00 (10,657.96) 58%
Total Expenses 277,208.93 449,007.00 (171,798.07) 62%
Net Income $ 173,374.64 $ 100.00 173,274.64

Administrator Report

September 2019

Meetings Attended:

  • Panhandle Library Access Network Board Meeting
  • Wilderness Coast Board Meeting
  • Jefferson County Budget Hearing
  • State Library Cooperative Directors Meeting
  • State Library Division of Library Services Update

Other Events Attended:

  • Panhandle Public Library Cooperative Staff Development Day program
  • Hispanic Heritage Program at Jefferson County Public Library
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day at Wakulla County Public Library

Other Activities of Note:

  • Assisted County Library Directors with submission of State Aid to Libraries grant applications
  • Applied for grant from Panhandle Library Access Network to fund Wilderness Coast Staff Development Day 2020

Statistics 9-1-2019 to 9-30-2019:

Physical Items Circulated –  112,099 – Decrease of 3% from same period in 2018.

Electronic Items Circulated – 11,744 – Increase of 31% from same period in 2018

IT Assistance Requests – 328

Mango Languages Database – 105 sessions

Chilton’s Auto Repair Database – 281 sessions


The next WILD Board Meeting will be on Monday, December 9, 2019. See you there!


WILD Combined Budget 2019-2020

COMBINED BUDGET OCTOBER 1, 2019 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 approved on 10/14/2019
APPROPRIATION–COUNTY  $                    –  $       300,754  $             255,963  $       306,723  $           863,440
STATE AID EST.  $        321,455  $         75,213  $             154,028  $       102,303
Other Cash Contributions  $            8,545  $             200,000  $          26,307
Rollover  $                60,000  $       110,000
TOTAL  $        321,455  $       384,512  $             664,413  $       545,333  $        1,915,713
PERSONNEL 100, 200
120 SALARIES  $        148,526  $       162,300  $             221,800  $       189,322
130 OPS  $             2,000  $                   –  $                         –  $                   –  $                2,000
210 FICA/MEDICARE  $           11,362  $         12,416  $                16,968  $          14,508
220 RETIREMENT  $           23,000  $         21,522  $                18,873  $          15,300
230 HEALTH  $           22,034  $         40,495  $                46,260  $          90,500
240 WORKERS COMP  $             1,200  $                   –  $                  1,285  $                   –  $                2,485
TOTAL PERSONNEL  $        208,122  $       236,733  $             305,186  $       309,630  $        1,059,671
310 PROFESSIONAL SERV.  $             8,500  $                   –  $                         –  $                   –  $                8,500
340 CONTRACTUAL  $             8,500  $                   –  $                16,000  $            5,202  $             29,702
400 TRAVEL  $             9,000  $               830  $                  4,000  $            2,081  $             15,911
410 COMMUNICATIONS  $             7,300  $            8,000  $                         –  $               832  $             16,132
410 POSTAGE  $           11,200  $                   –  $                         –  $                   –  $             11,200
430 UTILITIES  $                    –  $         16,000  $                14,000  $          19,000  $             49,000
440 RENT  $           18,000  $         30,000  $                  1,800  $               500  $             50,300
450 INSURANCE  $             7,000  $            7,000  $                         –  $                   –  $             14,000
460 MAINTENANCE  $             5,000  $         19,000  $                28,500  $            4,682  $             57,182
490 OTHER  $             3,000  $         36,944  $             220,000  $       116,838  $           376,782
510 OFFICE SUPPLIES  $             1,000  $            1,905  $                  5,000  $            5,202
520 OPERATING SUPPLIES  $           15,500  $         10,000  $                15,000  $          36,134
540 SUBS & MEMB  $             4,900  $            2,500  $                  7,000  $            1,044
TOTAL OPERATING  $           98,900  $       132,179  $             311,300  $       191,515  $           733,894
640 EQUIPMENT  $             4,000  $                   –  $                  8,518  $            3,445
660 BOOKS/MATERIALS  $           10,433  $         15,600  $                49,987  $          40,743
662 BUILDINGS  $                  7,000  $                   –  $                7,000
TOTAL CAPITAL 600  $           14,433  $         15,600  $                65,505  $          44,188  $           139,726
TOTAL BUDGET  $        321,455  $       384,512  $             664,413  $       545,333  $        1,915,713

Annual Plan of Service and Budget 2019-2020

  The Annual Plan of Service and Budget is an outline of the cooperative’s focus of activities during the year. The Plan supports the goals, objectives, and action plan from the Cooperative’s Long-Range Plan. The activities outlined in the Annual Plan of Service are supported by the cooperative’s budget as indicated.

Goals and Objectives

Goal # 1: Libraries in the Cooperative will provide access to networked resources, hardware, software, and technology training required to meet the needs of the public.

  • Libraries will provide access to computers and essential software necessary to meet the informational and recreational needs of the public.
  • Libraries will continue to provide technology education opportunities for library patrons on both a formal and informal basis.
  • Libraries will maintain library workstations and peripheral equipment and replace equipment as needed.
  • The Cooperative Office staff will continue to make recommendations to library directors regarding investing in new technologies and purchasing new equipment.
  • In conjunction with the County libraries, The Cooperative Office will continue to coordinate and fund subscriptions to selected online databases.
  • The Cooperative Office will continue to provide support in the areas of server maintenance, anti-virus protection, computer security and hardware repair, web site maintenance, and maintaining the Spiceworks IT ticketing system.

Goal # 2: Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to maintain and expand exemplary collections that meet the needs of their communities.

  • Libraries will continue to utilize standard reviewing sources and other collection development tools recommended by professional associations to build materials collections.
  • Libraries will continue to provide financial resources to develop and expand the Overdrive e-library collection.
  • Libraries will continue to consider patron requests and length of holds queues in determining collection needs and trends.
  • Libraries will continue to maintain collections in nontraditional formats as well as traditional print collections.
  • Libraries will continue to encourage and facilitate sharing of resources among member libraries in order to facilitate equitable access to collections.

Goal # 3: Libraries in the Cooperative will work to increase the number of patrons in the three-county area who utilize public library resources and services.

  • Libraries will coordinate planning and implementing library public awareness campaigns at local festivals and events.
  • Libraries will work with partner agencies such as correctional facilities, senior centers, and day care facilities to provide outreach services to patrons who are physically unable to come to the libraries.
  • Libraries will promote deposit collections and other outreach services to area schools, other educational organizations, and underserved communities.
  • Libraries will coordinate with Friends of the Library organizations and other library support groups in order to promote individual library events and programs.
  • Libraries will continue to advocate for public libraries with funding authorities and with other public officials at the local, regional, state and national level.
  • The Cooperative Office will continue to maintain active memberships in area Chambers of Commerce.

Goal # 4:  Libraries in the Cooperative will employ qualified staff members who are committed to providing high quality customer service.

  • Libraries will actively encourage staff to utilize technology training opportunities offered through PLAN, the State Library, and other related organizations.
  • Libraries will continue to provide in-house continuing education and in-service training for staff.
  • In conjunction with the Cooperative Office, libraries will provide opportunities for staff to attend state and national library-related conferences.
  • Libraries will provide opportunities for staff in similar positions at member libraries to develop relationships and exchange ideas.

Goal # 5: Libraries in the Cooperative will actively pursue supplementary funding opportunities as appropriate.

  • Libraries will continue to identify and apply for appropriate grant funding opportunities in order to improve services to citizens of their respective communities.
  • Libraries will promote Friends of the Library fundraising activities.

Goal #6: Libraries in the Cooperative will participate in internal and external resource sharing activities.

  • Libraries will work together to coordinate utilization of the shared Koha ILS system.
  • Libraries will continue work together to coordinate utilization of the shared State Library-sponsored and Cooperative Office-funded materials delivery system.
  • Libraries will provide patrons with continued access to online databases through locally purchased electronic resources as well as the Florida Electronic Library.

Goal # 7: Libraries in the Cooperative will provide reports to the Governing Board.

  • Libraries will provide the governing board with timely narrative reports of significant cooperative activities, library statistics, and individual library activities and programs.
  • In addition to the reports mentioned above, the Cooperative Office will provide the Governing Board with timely financial statements and annual updates.

Approved by the Wilderness Coast Governing Board on 10/14/2019

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