Courtney’s Summary List of Administrator Accomplishments FY 21-22

Summary List of Administrator Accomplishments

Goals from the Long-Range Plan
Goal 1 – Facilities
Libraries will provide safe, inviting, and appropriate facilities for library users.

 Performed research on ADA compliance in libraries in order to provide
information for member libraries on best practices.
 Made available to library staff training on how to create and maintain a
safe, inviting, and appropriate library facility.
Goal 2 – Collections
Libraries will provide collections that meet the needs of the public.

 Assisted member library director’s in updating their collection development
guidelines for selecting materials for the physical and electronic
 In conjunction with member library directors, coordinated the selection and
purchase of e-book materials for the Overdrive collection.
 Provided access to internet-based resources: Overdrive e-book platform,
Ancestry/Heritage Quest genealogy databases, Mango language courses,
Chilton’s Auto Repair database, and library-specific websites.

Goal 3 – Programs and Services
Libraries will provide a selection of age-appropriate and interest-related programs
for library patrons.

 Assisted member libraries with programming including occasionally
conducting virtual story-time and assisting with family night.
 Created a new path for program-sharing among the member libraries to
maximize the impact of programs on the communities they serve.
 Attended as many library programs as possible.
Goal 4 – Continuing Education

Library staff will have access to resources and training designed to meet their
continuing education needs.

 Library staff were informed of tuition reimbursement programs for those
who would like to continue in the field of library science.
 Library staff were made aware of various resources available for
professional development by creating and delivering a handout with an
invitation to contact WILD for information or support.
 Provided the annual Staff Development Day training to all library staff
 Provided funding for library staff to attend some conferences and training

Goal 5 – Technology
The cooperative and its member libraries will provide access to networked
resources, hardware, software, and technology training required to meet patron

 Worked with member library directors to plan site visits to train new
employees on the use of Koha.
 Created new content and more accessible design for the Wilderness Coast
Public Libraries website.
 Worked with the IT companies to create a Wi-Fi usage count so that
libraries could report patron usage of library Wi-Fi in their statistics.
 Assisted member library directors with applying for grants to receive
mobile hotspots and devices available for patron check out.
 Provided opportunities for member library directors to attend conferences
and other technology training opportunities.
 Supervised Cooperative staff who managed Koha, web sites, and training
for member libraries.
 The Cooperative Office provided Technical Support services to the
libraries, particularly problems with Koha and Overdrive.

 Completed grant application materials and expenditure reports to obtain
state funding. Coordinated compilation of required statistical information in
order for member libraries to be able to obtain state funding.

 Provided timely and accurate narrative reports, as well as statistical and
financial reports, to the Governing Board.
 Worked with auditors to comply with state financial regulations.
 Provided copies of audit and financial statements to the Auditor General,
Department of Financial Services, Jefferson County Commissioners, and
Franklin County Commissioners.
Goals from the Annual Plan of Service and Budget
Goal/Objective #1: Libraries in the Cooperative will provide access to networked
resources, hardware, software, and technology training required to meet the
needs of the public

 Provided access to electronic resources that met the informational and
recreational needs of the public.
 The Cooperative Office staff made recommendations to library directors
regarding investing in new technologies and purchasing new equipment.
 In conjunction with the county libraries, coordinated and funded
subscriptions to selected online databases.
 Assisted staff with questions, troubleshooting problems, and training in
Goal/Objective #2: Libraries in the Cooperative will continue to maintain and
expand exemplary collections that meet the needs of their communities.

 Provided all member libraries with additional support of their Overdrive
 Encouraged and facilitated the sharing of resources among member
libraries in order to facilitate equitable access to collections, including
programming materials, especially among the Youth Services staff.
 Created a unified collection development policy for all member libraries

Goal/Objective #3: Libraries in the Cooperative will work to increase the number
of patrons in the three-county area who utilize public library resources and

 Worked to increase visibility via our website and social media.
 Highlighted the programs and resources at member libraries.

 Created Staff Member of the month to showcase the accomplishments of
and bring awareness to the many programs facilitated by member library
 Maintained active memberships with in all area Chamber of Commerce
Goal/Objective #4: Libraries in the Cooperative will employ qualified staff
members who are committed to providing high quality customer service.

 Encouraged staff to utilize training opportunities offered through PLAN, the
State Library, Library Juice, and related organizations.
 Supervised Cooperative Staff in new employee training and continued
training for staff as new information and updates became available.
 Facilitated the cooperation of staff members in similar positions at member
libraries; encouraged them to develop relationships, exchange ideas, and
share programming materials.
 Developed staff handbook for all member libraries.
 Coordinated staff day.
Goal/Objective #5: Libraries in the Cooperative will actively pursue
supplementary funding opportunities as appropriate.

 Assisted library directors in identifying appropriate grants and funding
opportunities in order to improve services to citizens of their respective
 Assisted Friends of the Library groups in fundraising efforts for member
Goal/Objective #6: Libraries in the Cooperative will participate in internal and
external resource sharing activities.

 Created a program sharing initiative for member libraries to share program
 Coordinated utilization of the shared Koha ILS system.
 Coordinated utilization of the shared State Library sponsored and
Cooperative Office funded materials.
Goal/Objective #7: Libraries in the Cooperative will provide reports to the
Governing Board.

 Provided the Governing Board with timely narrative reports and reports of
significant Cooperative activities and programs.