December Board Meeting Minutes 2/14/22

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
Serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties
Governing Board Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2021 at 1:30 PM
Meeting Attended by All Via Zoom

Board Members present: Chuck Hess, Ellen Ashdown, Chris Tuten, Danielle Sprague,
Brenda Humphrey
Others Present: Whitney Roundtree, Natalie Binder, Courtney Whitaker, Parker Bugg,
Keith Dean
Hess called the meeting to order at 1:30pm. No changes to the agenda. Introductions
were made. Brenda Humphrey was introduced as our new board member, replacing
Ellen Ashdown.
Old Business: Minutes from the September meeting were accepted and passed
unanimously without comment. The financial report was presented by Keith Dean. The
year-to-date results show that we’re doing well. Ashdown asked about the travel
expenditure and Dean explained that it is the remaining balance for the upcoming fiscal
year. Hess asked if the year-end report had been gone over and Dean said yes, it was
in September. Hess asked if we need to up the budget for subscriptions because we are
already over and Dean said he will double-check the amount. The Financial Report was
accepted unanimously.
Administrator Report: Whitaker read her report. Ashdown said she has heard about
social work in libraries and Hess inquired about funding. Whitaker answered to the best
of her knowledge, but it is an ongoing project and discussion. Binder mentioned that
Jefferson has a social worker that comes weekly and they are paid by DCF, not the
library. She said patrons value that service.
New Business: Collection Development Policy was presented by Whitaker as a
proactive approach to the challenges that are occurring across the state. Ashdown
commented that it was great and that a lot of the policies go back to the 1950s. She
said it is well-written and plain and appreciates the challenge form; a good explanation
of the stance of the library. Hess wanted to clarify that challenges go through the board
before changes are made to any of the collections. The policy was accepted
unanimously. Summary list of accomplishments and employee review is postponed to
February. Hess asked everyone to fill out the review form. Postponing until the next
meeting was passed unanimously. Whitaker nominated Greg James for Chair. It
passed unanimously. Whitaker nominated Sprague for Vice Chair. It passed
unanimously. Brenda Humphrey was approved by the Franklin County Commision as
their representative on the board.
Directors Reports: Roundtree has completed the statistical report and state aid. They
have nearly completed the beautification project, including a new gazebo and they have
some holiday activities planned for the rest of the month.
Binder has built a great connection with the local health department and has completed
a large number of tests and vaccinations at the library. They had an air filter building

program that was interesting. Binder has been unable to finish the statistical report
because the county accounting system is down. She looks forward to normal operating
in January. ECF funding has provided a grant for 100 hot spots.
Hess will continue to serve on the board. Whitaker asked everyone to be available for
in-person meetings for 2022. We said thank you and goodbye to Ellen Ashdown for her
service on the board. Whitaker will send out an updated calendar.
With no further discussion and a reminder that the next meeting will be on February 14, 2022, Hess adjourned the meeting at 2:35 p.m.