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Annual and Long Range Plans

Annual Plan of Service 2022-23


The Annual Plan of Service and Budget is an outline of the cooperative’s focus of activities during
the year. The plan supports the goals, objectives, and action plan from the cooperative’s Long
Range Plan. The activities outlined in the Annual Plan of Service are supported by the
cooperative’s budget as indicated. All activities are tentative due to the pandemic.

GOALS and Objectives

Libraries in the cooperative will provide access to networked resources, hardware, software, and
technology training required to meet the needs of the public.

  • Libraries will provide access to computers and essential software necessary to meet the informational and recreational needs of the public.
  • Libraries will maintain workstations and peripheral equipment and replace equipment as needed.
  • The cooperative office staff will continue to make recommendations to library directors regarding investing in new technologies and purchasing equipment.
  • In conjunction with the libraries, the cooperative office will continue to coordinate and fund subscriptions to selected online databases.

Libraries in the cooperative will continue to maintain and expand exemplary collections that meet
the needs of their communities.

  • Libraries will continue to utilize standard reviewing sources and other collection development tools recommended by professional associations to build materials collections.
  • Libraries will continue to fund, expand, and develop the Overdrive e-library collection.
  • Libraries will continue to consider patron requests in determining collection needs and trends.
  • Libraries will continue to maintain collections in nontraditional formats as well as traditional print collections.
  • Libraries will continue to encourage and facilitate sharing of resources among member libraries in order to facilitate equitable access to collections.

Libraries in the cooperative will work to increase the number of patrons in the three-county area
who utilize public resources and services.

  • Libraries will coordinate planning and implementing library public awareness campaigns whenever possible.
  • Libraries will work to provide outreach services to patrons who are physically unable to come to the libraries.
  • Libraries will promote outreach services to area schools, educational organizations, and underserved communities.
  • Libraries will continue to coordinate with Friends of the Library organizations and other library support groups to promote library events and programs.
  • Libraries will continue to advocate for public libraries with funding authorities and with other public officials at the local, regional, state, and national level.
  •  The cooperative office will continue to maintain active membership in area Chambers of Commerce.
  • Member libraries will join the increasing number of libraries across the nation who are implementing a fine-free policy in order to gain new patrons and to retain current patrons.

Libraries in the cooperative will employ qualified staff members who are committed to providing
high-quality customer service.

  • Libraries will actively encourage staff to utilize training opportunities offered through PLAN, the State Library, and other related organizations.
  • Libraries will continue to provide in-house continuing education and in-service training for staff.
  • Libraries will provide opportunities for staff to attend state and area library-related conferences.
  • Staff will adhere to the principles set forth in our DEIA statement.

Libraries in the cooperative will actively pursue supplementary funding opportunities as

  • Libraries will continue to identify and apply for appropriate grant funding opportunities in order to improve services to their communities.
  • Libraries will promote Friends of the Library fundraising activities.
  • WILD will look into E-Rate reimbursement for internet services Libraries in the cooperative will participate in internal and external resource sharing activities.
  • Libraries will work together to coordinate utilization of the shared Koha ILS system.
  • Libraries will continue to work together to coordinate utilization of the shared State

Library sponsored and cooperative office funded materials delivery system.

  • Libraries will provide patrons with continued access to online databases through purchased electronic resources.


Long Range Plan


October 2018 – September 2023

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries

MissionTo provide coordinated public library services throughout Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties.

Organization: Wilderness Coast Public Libraries (WILD) is a Special District Library Cooperative serving Franklin, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties. The Cooperative was established in 1994 through an Interlocal Agreement signed by the three County governments.

The Governing Board is made up of two appointees from each member county; one appointee is either a County Commissioner or his/her designee, the other is appointed by the County Library Advisory Board. Cooperative Office employees coordinate the Koha Integrated Library System, manage IT technical support, coordinate the process for applying for State funding, and coordinate the E-library and other miscellaneous shared services within the Cooperative.  Member libraries are administered by County Library Directors under the auspices of their respective County Commissions.

Demographic and Economic Information:

Pop. (2017)12,16114,61131,909
% change 2010-20175.3%-1%3.7%
Projected % change 2017-20252.0%1.9%10.6%
% under 18 years old17.1%18.6%22.5%
% 65 years and over17.4%16.5%10.8%
% Caucasian82.6%60.4%82.0%
% African American13.8%36.2%14.5%
% Hispanic4.6%3.7%3.3%
% Non-English speakers5.7%6.8%6.3%
Per Cap. Income$35,334$37,322$32,414
Med. household income$40,301$41,696$54,078
% below poverty level23.1%18.9%13.1%
% high school graduates79.6%79.8%87.7%
% Bachelor’s Degree or higher16.7%19.0%16.6%

Library Facilities:

There are five library facilities in the Cooperative service area:

 LocationSize (sq. ft.)
Franklin County Public Library-Carrabelle BranchCarrabelle5,000
Franklin County Public Library-Eastpoint BranchEastpoint5,000
Jefferson County Public Library-HeadquartersMonticello10,000
Wakulla County Public Library-HeadquartersCrawfordville14,500
Cooperative OfficeMonticello1,050

Financial Resources: Funding for the Cooperative Office and Cooperative-wide activities comes from State Aid to Public Libraries grant funding. Funding for the member libraries comes from a combination of local government funds, State Aid to public libraries grant funds, other grants, and donations.

CollectionsThe Cooperative Office funds and maintains a Koha Integrated Library System composed of public access catalog (OPAC), cataloging and circulation systems. Library materials are available for the public in book, magazine, DVD, CD, audio recording, video game, kit, e-book and e-audio formats. The Cooperative Office contracts with a courier service to transfer items between member libraries for public checkout.

Current Holdings:

BooksBooksAudioVideoMisc (equip, kits, videogames, etc.)Total Physical ItemsEbooksTotal

Staffing/Continuing Education: There are 17.25 total staff members working in the member libraries, in addition to 2.25 staff members at the Cooperative Office. The Cooperative works with the Panhandle Library Access Network (PLAN) to provide funding for staff education and training at the state, regional, and national levels. In addition, the Cooperative reimburses libraries for staff attendance at library conferences and training opportunities.

Programs and ServicesMember libraries offer programs for children, young adults, and adults at all service locations, as well as at other outreach locations throughout their communities. All library locations have meeting room facilities available for public use. Member libraries promote and participate in local festivals and events. All library facilities offer public access computers with Internet access and productivity software, as well as free public wireless Internet access, photocopiers and scanners.

Technology: Member libraries provide computers, Internet access (both wired and wireless), and a print management system for public use. In addition, the Cooperative Office provides access to Internet-based resources: Overdrive e-book platform, Ancestry/Heritage Quest genealogy databases, Mango Languages courses, Chilton’s Auto Repair database, and library-specific web sites. Library users also have access to licensed databases provided by the State through the Florida Electronic Library.

Plan Development: Users at member libraries participated in a Library Satisfaction Survey (paper and online) during Summer 2017. Response data is summarized below:

Comments Summary
No particular comment75
“Everything is great” or generic equivalent38
Staff are friendly/provide great service37
Enjoy the book/ebook/audio/video collection4
Enjoy recent facility improvements8
Enjoy library programs/guest speakers2
Enjoy access to computers/technology2
Need to add to collections (more books, more of a certain author, etc.)21
Need to improve facilities and/or facility maintenance10
Need to increase service hours2
Need to add additional computers2
Need to add additional equipment and/or furniture2
Need to have more jobs for teenagers1
Total Surveys Completed204
Reasons Patrons Gave for Utilizing their Respective Library
No Stated Reason42
Check Out or Return Books63
Use Computers26
Attend Children’s Programs18
Check Out or Return Movies and CDs21
Attend Adult programs and meetings11
Conduct research5
Enjoy a Quiet place3
Use Fax3
Obtain Help with Technology3
Use Interlibrary Loan2
Read Newspaper1
Work on a puzzle1
Total Surveys Completed204

In contrast to recent national survey results of patrons in large urban areas, the largest percentage of patrons in our cooperative service area still appear to come to the library primarily for the purpose of obtaining books, although computer use has become an important reason as well.  Patrons also appear to be generally aware of the computer services the libraries provide and to appreciate the service efforts of the library staff.

As we began development of the Long Range Plan in Spring 2017, there were several additional considerations resulting from the discussions of the Governing Board, Member Directors, and Library Advisory Boards which are summarized below:


Strengths of the Cooperative:

  • There is a genuine spirit of cooperation between the County governments, the Cooperative staff, and the staff of member libraries.
  • The Cooperative Governing Board is strongly committed to working together and to providing equalization of services throughout the entire geographic area.
  • The member libraries have a unified integrated library system and a delivery system set up for reciprocal borrowing.
  • The Directors work together to coordinate collections and services.
  • The Cooperative Office provides professional level technical support for the member libraries.


Challenges to the Cooperative

  • State Aid to Public Libraries grant funding and Panhandle Library Access Network funding must be negotiated on a year-to-year basis with the Florida Legislature.
  • The costs of library materials, technology and technology-related services continue to rise, while funding remains generally flat.
  • Advances in cloud-based technology are beginning to require migration from server-based products to cloud-based services.
  • A majority of member libraries have collections below the minimum size recommended in Florida Library Association standards.
  • A majority of member libraries have staffing levels below the minimum per capita level recommended in Florida Library Association standards.


Goals and Objectives:


Goal 1- Facilities

Libraries in the Cooperative will provide safe, inviting and appropriate facilities for library users.

  • FCPL will work toward making both facilities ADA-compliant.
  • JCPL will work toward renovation of rest rooms as well as toward making the facility ADA-compliant.
  • WCPL will continue to work with Wakulla County to facilitate moving into a larger building and expanding services to meet the needs of the growing population.

Goal 2-Collections

Libraries in the Cooperative will provide exemplary collections that meet the needs of the public.

  • FCPL will conduct a full collection analysis.
  • JCPL will conduct a complete inventory of the library collection.
  • WCPL will expand the size of its collection, especially in targeted areas of Children’s Nonfiction, Playaways, and MP3s.


Goal 3-Programs and Services

Libraries will provide a selection of age-appropriate and interest-related programs for library patrons.

  • FCPL will work to increase children and young adult attendance at library programs by 10%.
  • JCPL will Increase the number of adult programs offered by 10%, and will work to increase the corresponding adult attendance at library programs by 10%.
  • JCPL will continue to support expansion of existing Youth Services programming opportunities to outreach locations.
  • WCPL will work to increase the number of adult programs by 10% and to revamp the focus of the existing Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) programs for children and young adults.

Goal 4-Staff Development/Continuing Education

  • The Cooperative Office will continue to fund an annual Staff Development Day training for all library staff.
  • The Cooperative will supplement funding provided by the Panhandle Library Access Network for library staff to conferences and training sessions.
  • FCPL will create a Policies and Procedures Manual for staff.
  • FCPL will continue to advocate for sufficient staff to allow the facilities to be open expanded hours.
  • JCPL will create a Policy and Procedures Manual for staff.
  • JCPL will encourage and facilitate Staff professional development by providing access to additional non-library focused seminars and training opportunities.
  • WCPL will work toward Increasing total staff size by at least one 1.5 FTE.


Goal 5-Technology

Libraries will have access to the technology needed to provide exemplary public services.

  • The Cooperative Office will continue to provide Technical Support service to the libraries in the areas of server maintenance, ILS, print maintenance, anti-virus protection, security, and hardware repair.
  • The Cooperative Office will explore outsourcing Web site design and maintenance, migrating to a cloud-based ticketing system, and renting cloud-based server space as an alternative to maintaining a physical server.
  • FCPL will purchase newer laptops for SmartBoards, 3-D printers, and special projects.
  • JCPL will upgrade the computers in the public computer lab.
  • JCPL will explore purchasing Virtual Reality technology for public use.
  • WCPL will update the staff computers, OPAC computers, and laptops.

Implementation of Plan

This plan serves to guide and facilitate the development of library services over the next five years. Implementation of goals and objectives is subject to funding levels; this plan does not commit either the Governing Board or County Commissions to an expenditure of funds.

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